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19th March, 2015

Police officer shoots suspect dead

Conflicting accounts have emerged of the shooting by a police officer of a Roma man in Orkeny, Pest county Tuesday night.

Police say the 37-year-old man was shot as he attacked the officer with an axe. The officer said he aimed at the man's hand, but the bullet hit his chest.

However, the Roma Press Centre says the man was shot after he had fled from police and had dropped his axe.

The man was wanted by police as he was due to begin serving a 15-month jail term for petty theft.

When police entered his home late Tuesday night following several unsuccessful attempts, the man reportedly threatened them with an axe and ran out of the flat into a nearby field.

Police gave chase and caught up with the man a few hundred metres away and killed him with one shot.

The dead man's brother said the fugitive no longer had the axe in his hands, having thrown it away while fleeing. Police say the axe was found under his body.

Other reports say that he was beaten either before or after his death.

Spokeswoman Andrea Nagy of the Central Investigative Prosecutors Office said the police officer from Dabas had shot the man wielding the axe in self defence. (MH p.14; Nsz p.16; atv.hu; mti.hu; TV)
19th March, 2015

Pop singer convicted of fraud

Pop singer Sarolta Zalatnay was placed on three years probation by a Budaors court on Wednesday after she was convicted of continuous fraud.

The court found that Zalatnay had wrongfully obtained nearly Ft 2 million from an acquaintance in several instalments.

The singer popular in the 1960s and 1970s had been convicted earlier on similar charges, but the court viewed the passage of time and her age as extenuating circumstances. Zalatnay is 67.

Zalatnay will have to pay Ft 1.9 million to the plaintiff within 15 days. The ruling is open to appeal. (MH p.14; Nsz p.16; inforadio.hu; mti.hu; TV)
19th March, 2015

Partial solar eclipse tomorrow

A partial solar eclipse will begin in Budapest at 9.39 a.m., and end at 11.59 a.m. on Friday.

The Academy of Sciences is organising a viewing of the phenomenon outside its headquarters on Szechenyi ter. (MH p.15)

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