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20th November, 2014

HVG staff reject new editor

Andras Sztaniszlav will not be the new editor of HVG print and online editions, as the two editorial staffs rejected him by a wide margin at a joint meeting on Wednesday.

The owners of the publishing office acknowledged the decision and will look for a new candidate.

A four-member committee will run the weekly and the website until a new editor is appointed.

Sztaniszlav had earlier worked as the press chief of former Socialist PMO state secretary Imre Szekeres in the Medgyessy era and sold a company incorporated in Slovakia to Tamas Welsz.

Until 2009 Sztaniszlav owned StarLimo Slovensko, registered in Slovakia, which functioned as the twin company of Hungary’s StarLimo Hungary Luxusauto. It lent limousines for weddings and other parties.

It was eventually sold to Welsz, who was accused of fraud in Panama, was wanted by Interpol and then linked to Socialist Gabor Simon's corruption case.

Welsz died while in police custody in March, apparently of poison. (N p.2; MH p.5; valasz.hu)
20th November, 2014

Miklos Nemeth biography published

A biography of Miklos Nemeth, the last prime minister in the one-party state, was presented at the Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest on Wednesday.

The book, written by journalist Andras Oplatka, is entitled Mert ez az orszag erdeke (“Because this is in the Country's Interest”).

Present were Human Resources Minister Zoltan Balog, former prime minister Peter Boross, former president of the Academy of Sciences and culture minister in the Nemeth cabinet Ferenc Glatz, and Peter Tolgyessy, an active participant in the 1989 roundtable negotiations, then an MP with the Free Democrats and later Fidesz. (MH p.8)

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