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13th October, 2016

Police charge eight in connection with migrant van deaths

Following a 14-month investigation, police propose that charges of murder and people-smuggling be pressed against eight suspects in the matter of the 71 migrants who were found dead in a refrigerator van in Austria last year.

According to the investigation, the perpetrators were aware when crossing the Hungarian-Austrian border that the people in the van were no longer alive.

The gang was run by an Afghan man who had been living in Hungary since 2013, having been granted refugee status.

He and his seven accomplices, all Bulgarian citizens, were arrested within 24 hours of the discovery of the abandoned van on August 27, 2015. Four of them will be charged with murder.

The eight suspects now in custody include a Bulgarian-Lebanese man whose task was to procure vehicles necessary for the people-smuggling.

The unbridled greed of the gang leader led to the death of the 71 people, Lieu. Col. Zoltan Boross of the National Bureau of Investigation told the press briefing, as he was also responsible for cramming 67 migrants into a similar van found one day later.

An international arrest warrant has been issued for three other Bulgarian suspects.

Robert Crepinko, head of Europolís people-smuggling unit, said European police have so far identified 12,000 people associated with people-smuggling.

He estimated that the people-smuggling business was worth Ä5-6 billion last year alone. (MI p.2; MH p.14; Nsz p.3; inforadio.hu; echotv.hu; TV)
13th October, 2016

Hungary to host Sweden in friendly

The Hungarian national football team will play a friendly match against Sweden in Budapest on November 15, two days after playing Andorra in a World Cup qualification game.

Fans will have a chance to bid farewell to long-serving goalkeeper Gabor Kiraly and defender Roland Juhasz, who have retired from international football, at the game in the Groupama Stadium. (MI p.20; MH p.6)

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