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22nd January, 2015

Exposure death toll climbs to 90

The Hungarian Social Forum reported on Wednesday that 14 people froze to death in Hungary during January 9-19.

The figure raises the total deaths from exposure this winter to 90.

Most of the latest fatalities died in their own unheated homes or after they were hospitalised. They include two women.

The youngest person to die of exposure this winter was 39 years old and the oldest 88. (Nsz p.16)
22nd January, 2015

Metro tunnel pedestrian punished

Pest Central District Court has ordered a Budapest man to perform 240 hours of public works for having walked between two stations in the tunnel of the city’s new metro line last month.

Traffic on the line was stopped for over 90 minutes and 20 metro carriages suffered 111 minutes of delay. (MH p.14)

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