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18th September, 2014

Tarlos opens island attractions

Mayor Istvan Tarlos yesterday dedicated the renovated Music Well and Japanese Garden on Margaret Island.

Tarlos emphasised that the Music Well is not the musical fountain on the southern tip of the island, which was opened in 2013.

The Music Well was seriously damaged in World War II and was restored in 1954, while the Japanese Garden was installed on the island in the 1970s, and last renovated in 1992.

Tarlos said upgrades will continue on the island, with a complex construction of the drainage system and a horse-drawn railway, among 21 projects. (mno.hu; MH p.3; N p.4; inforadio.hu; mti.hu; TV)
18th September, 2014

Student camp organisers punished

ELTE communications director Gyorgy Fabri is launching disciplinary proceedings over events at the university’s first-year students camp in Fonyodliget, where a woman was raped and students were reportedly forced to sing obscene songs.

He said several students could be expelled from the university.

ELTE general secretary Zoltan Ronay said in outlining the results of an inquiry that the head of the teacher and nurse training faculty’s student council committed a serious error, as he permitted the rapist to take part as an official photographer, although he was aware of the latter’s criminal record.

Disciplinary proceedings have been launched against eight students who organised the camp and five others have been expelled. (N p.2; MH pp.1&2; Nsz p.11; inforadio.hu; TV)
18th September, 2014

Heisler meets Pope Francis

Mazsihisz president Andras Heisler was part of a delegation from the World Jewish Congress (WJC) that met Pope Francis in Vatican City on Wednesday.

Heisler, a vice-president of the WJC, represented Jewish communities in Central and Eastern Europe.

Topics discussed included the international political situation, conflicts in the world and the persecution of Christians. (mti.hu)

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