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16th June, 2016

School year ends

The school year ended and summer began yesterday for more than 1.3 million primary and secondary school pupils across Hungary.

Various government schemes are available to encourage camping and other summer activities in Hungary.

Older teenagers can find jobs in offices or at festivals and swimming complexes.

The Economy Ministry has set aside Ft 2 billion to support the employment of young people aged 16-25. (MI p.4; inforadio.hu)
16th June, 2016

NAV uncovers Ft 1bn fraud

Eight people have been detained on suspicion of committing fraud as members of a criminal organisation by evading Ft 1 billion in taxes and social insurance contributions.

The tax authority’s west Transdanubian office said the company was engaged in security guarding and labour recruitment.

The Gyor-based married couple that ran the operation built a pyramid-like network of companies.

Tax agents raided houses in more than 50 locations in Gyor and four counties, detaining ten people.

The ringleader was arrested at Hegyeshalom on the Austrian border.

The suspects’ bank accounts have been frozen, and their valuable cars and properties seized. (index.hu)
16th June, 2016

Football Association gains €1mn

Hungary’s football team won €1 million for the Football Association (MLSZ) by defeating Austria in the first match of the group phase of the European Football Championships in France on Tuesday.

The 24 teams that had advanced to the tournament each received €8 million. Each tournament victory is worth €1 million and a draw €500,000.

MLSZ general secretary Marton Vagi said earlier that 30% of the net proceeds will be paid to the players on the team. (MH pp.1&16; inforadio.hu)
16th June, 2016

Chagall picture on show next week

Marc Chagall's lithograph Mother with Child, never before seen in Hungary, was unwrapped at the National Museum on Wednesday.

The image will go on display on June 23 in an exhibition designed to show how Hungarian and foreign artists responded to the 1956 Uprising. (MH p.12; TV)

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