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21st August, 2014

Police suspect three of Siofok murder

Somogy county police have caught three suspects in the murder of a businessman outside his home in Siofok last Friday.

The 60-year-old was robbed and killed as he returned home before he could drive his car into his garage.

Police said the robbers had been watching their victim for two or three weeks before two of them attacked him as he attempted to drive his car into the garage.

The businessman had just returned from collecting the day’s revenues at his two tobacco shops and a drinks store.

Police did not say how the man was killed, nor how much cash his murderers took. Reports say he was strangled during a scuffle.

The three divided the money between themselves and burned their clothes and mobile phones.

Each of the suspects has a police record for burglaries and robberies.

The entrepreneur was found by his mother-in-law Saturday morning as she left the house. (MH p.14; Nsz p.16; inforadio.hu)
21st August, 2014

Voters choose best Balaton beaches

The public beaches in Alsoors and Balatongyorok have been voted the best around Lake Balaton, in a survey by website balatontipp.hu.

Both received a score of 4.7 on a scale of 1 to 5, whereas the average rating was 4.5, based on some 3,000 responses.

The results reflect recent developments at public bathing places at Lake Balaton, said Arpad Gyorffy, editor of the site.

Bathers gave high marks for the sporting facilities and the cleanliness of beaches but were less satisfied with the parking options and the toilet facilities. (NG p.16)
21st August, 2014

Cseh wins 200-metre medley

Laszlo Cseh of Hungary won the gold medal in the 200-metre medley at the European Swimming Championships in Berlin on Wednesday, ahead of Philip Heintz of Germany and Roberto Pavoni of Great Britain.

This is Cseh’s 12th European gold medal and his fifth consecutive European triumph in this event. (MH p.16; MH pp.1&16; Nsz pp.1&14; KR)

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