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24th July, 2014

Mobile police station at Hungaroring

A mobile police station designed to ensure smooth operations at the weekend’s Formula One Grand Prix race will open today at the main entrance to the racetrack at Mogyorod.

The 24-hour station will also serve as a multi-purpose logistics base.

Some 1,500 police officers, including 15 from Austria, Poland, Romania and Slovakia, will be on duty at the four-day event.

Their primary duty will be to take care of foreign guests’ problems, help them find their way around, and check their documents and vehicles. (profitline.hu; Nsz p.16)
24th July, 2014

Water polo semi-finals take shape

The Hungarian men's team will face Italy in one of the semi-finals on Friday at the European Water Polo Championships.

Italy defeated Croatia on Wednesday 8-7.

Montenegro will face Serbia in the other semi-final. (telesport.hu; MH p.16; Nsz p.14; KR)

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