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5th January, 2017

Bakondi reports on migrant numbers

A total of 17,800 asylum-seekers entered Hungary illegally last year before tighter border regulations went into effect on July 5, Gyorgy Bakondi, senior adviser to Prime Minister on domestic security, told state TV channel M1 yesterday.

Only 470 illegal migrants were stopped after that date, he said.

Police have stopped another 10,600 people at the border fence since July.

Last year nearly 30,000 people submitted asylum requests in Hungary, of whom 438 were granted some form of legal status. (MI pp.1&2; MH pp.1&3; Nsz p.2; KR)
5th January, 2017

Cold weather warning in effect

The National Weather Service has issued a warning for 13 counties and Budapest because of the strong winds, and to two north-eastern counties because of snowfall expected today.

With extremely cold conditions forecast for the weekend, the weather office is advising drivers to ensure that their vehicles are prepared for the winter conditions and to fill their tanks with petrol. (inforadio.hu)
5th January, 2017

Famed pawn shop owner dies

Gyorgy Klapka, who gained fame with his low-budget TV ad for his pawn shop, died yesterday at the age of 88.

He became known across the country in the 1990s because of the advertisement for his pawn shop at Vamhaz korut 9 in central Budapest.

Klapka was interviewed on TV2’s “Mokka” programme in the morning but collapsed and died in the afternoon.

Born on December 24, 1928 in Budapest, Klapka trained as a dancer.

He was a soldier in World War II, survived the siege of Budapest, and managed to escape encirclement by Soviet troops.

In the 1960s Klapka was sentenced to death in absentia for smuggling people from East Germany to West Germany. As a result, he was not allowed to return home. Klapka spent some time in jail in Germany for tax fraud, and appeared in several films.

In his autobiography he wrote that he never worried whether the ruling ideology was communism, capitalism, revolution or counter-revolution, he lived well under each of them. (MI p.6; MH p.14; Nsz p.16; index.hu; atv.hu; bumm.sk; hirado.hu; TV)

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