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4th December, 2014

Hungary corruption index unchanged

Hungary remained 21st among the 28 EU member states in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index 2014.

Hungary is ranked 47th place on a list of 175 countries worldwide.

Hungary scored 54 points in terms of public-sector corruption, unchanged from 12 months ago.

Hungary has been slipping backwards ever since 1999, when it was the second least corrupt state among new EU members after Estonia but now it is sixth out of 11 countries, said TI Magyarorszag president Peter Jozsef Martin.

Corruption in Hungary can be described as “state capture”, he said, in which there is a symbiosis between the state and oligarchs in running the country.

Crony capitalism has gained ground, where the state rewards not merit but those closest to public office, he added.

Moreover, he continued, the separation of powers has become non-existent and checks and balances do not function.

Martin said the report had been compiled by the summer, before the US allegations of corruption became public knowledge. (VG pp.1&3; Nsz pp.1&4; N p.6)

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