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25th June, 2015

Pilot error blamed for Gripen crash

An official inquiry has found that the pilot was at fault when a JAS-39 Gripen fighter jet overran the runway and crashed at the Caslav military airfield in the Czech Republic on May 15, website PestiSracok has learned.

The jet crashed in a field after the pilots ejected.

Although the investigation is due to run until October, experts have found that pilot Csaba Ugrik was simultaneously braking and accelerating in the landing manoeuvre and was unable to stop the aircraft in time.

His co-pilot had no authority to intervene. (NG p.4; N p.2; Nsz p.8)
25th June, 2015

781 illegal entrants caught

Police caught 781 illegal entrants in Csongrad county Wednesday afternoon, spokesman Szabolcs Szenti told an unscheduled press conference.

He said the county police chief had ordered stepped up checks in Szeged and its vicinity.

Police also involved the civil guards in the operation. (index.hu; N p.3; MH pp.1&3)
25th June, 2015

TV2 fined over rape scene

The Media Council on Wednesday imposed a Ft 14 million fine on TV2 for airing the program “Eden Hotel” on April 24 in which it broadcast an apparent attempted rape during a reality show.

The Media Council instructed the television station to broadcast the ruling at least twice during the series aired, and to publish it for one week on the home page of its website. (origo.hu; N p.2; MH p.14; Nsz p.16; NG p.2)

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