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15th September, 2016

Days of Cultural Heritage

Industrial relics, lordís palaces and villas will open their gates and, for the first time this year, the Citadella and the Economy Ministry will be open to visitors on September 17 and 18 during the days of Cultural Heritage event.

The days will be hosted in 54 locations.

Detailed information is available on www.oroksegvedelem.hu website. (inforadio.hu)
15th September, 2016

Bronze, silver medals in Rio

Zsuzsanna Krajnyak of Hungary won the bronze medal in the wheel chair foils individual contest at the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday.

Richard Osvath of Hungary won the silver medal in the men's wheel chair foils individual event in Rio on Wednesday. Osvath won Hungary's tenth medal. (MI p.20; MH p.16; 444.hu; KR)

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