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4th September, 2014

Radio hosts make light of rape incident

The group United for Women has filed a complaint with the media authority in response to two Class FM radio hosts who made fun of a rape incident on their Monday morning programme.

A woman was raped at the Eotvos Lorand University’s (ELTE) annual camp for first-year students in Fonyodliget on Lake Balaton last Friday.

In joking about the incident, one host of the station’s “Morning Show” said he would not send his daughter to such a camp, to which another said it is not usually written on the invitation that a chastity belt is necessary because she might be raped.

As laughter continued, someone said “Dinner, campfire, dancing, rape – this is the programme”.

In response to subsequent protests and objections, they said “malicious hacks” had misrepresented their comments, which had been taken out of context.

Class FM management did not respond to Nepszabadsag queries as to whether they agree with the conduct of the hosts or whether they plan to take any action.

Reports on the weekend indicated that a 38-year-old man employed as a photographer at the camp and who has a previous history of sexual crimes, had beaten and then raped the woman last Friday.

The university has acknowledged that the suspect is a student majoring in library science and IT.

The ELTE leadership has suspended the executive committee of the liberal arts faculty’s student council until an investigation is completed.

Rector Barna Mezey will hold a press conference this morning regarding camps organised for first-year students. (N p.4; MH p.14; nlcafe.hu; hvg.hu)
4th September, 2014

Senior police official resigns over drunk driving

Brig. Gen. Gyorgy Zsombok, deputy director of the National Defence Service (NVSZ), has resigned after being found guilty of driving after drinking two glasses of beer.

His resignation was accepted by Interior Minister Sandor Pinter.

Zsombok was caught driving under the influence of alcohol by Third District patrollers two months ago.

He will be reassigned to public service employment in the Interior Ministry.

The NVSZ has caught hundreds of police officers, corrections institute staff and public administration employees breaking the law. (N p.4; MH p.14)

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