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19th November, 2015

Record high temperature yesterday

The daily heat record in Budapest was broken on Wednesday, with the temperature rising to 20.7C in the Second District, the National Weather Service announced.

Before Wednesday the record high temperature for the city for November 18 was 18.9C, registered in 2006.

The national daily heat record remains the 22.7C gauged in Maza, Baranya county in 2002. (N p.4; MH p.15; inforadio.hu; mti.hu)
19th November, 2015

Head of Recsk federation dies

Bela Krasznay, head of the association of former prisoners of the Recsk labour camp, died on Wednesday at age 92.

Krasznay was arrested and interned after joining an anti-Communist resistance group as a university student.

He was taken to Recsk in the summer of 1950. After it was closed in 1953, he was transferred to Kistarcsa and released from prison in September 1955.

With several others, Krasznay founded the Recsk Federation in 1988 and became its national president. (MI p.4; MH p.2; inforadio.hu)
19th November, 2015

Swimming complex under renovation

The Palatinus swimming complex on Margaret Island is to be renovated at a cost of over Ft 2 billion.

The goal is ensure that the complex can stay open all through the year.

A new wellness section will be completed by next summer. (N p.4; Nsz p.16)

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