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9th July, 2015

Film fund censored scene of man shooting photograph of Orban

Film director Gyula Nemes was told that he would have to repay Ft 180 million to the Hungarian Film Fund unless he edited out a scene from his film Zero in which “a certain politician” is shot, he revealed on Tuesday.

Addressing an audience at the Karlovy Vary film festival, Nemes did not mention Prime Minister Viktor Orban by name, but showed with a pen how he effaced the image of the politician whom he said he hoped that everybody would recognise.

When the scene in question appears, in which the protagonist shoots at pictures of politicians stuck to watermelons, the face of Russian President Vladimir Putin is visible, but one of the heads is blacked out.

A source working in the film profession confirmed that the story is true, adding that in the version that he had seen, Orban’s face was visible.

The film is a largely comedic look at the environmental catastrophe that might befall the Earth if bees were to die out due to human negligence. (vs.hu; blikk.hu; hvg.hu; origo.hu;pestisracok.hu)
9th July, 2015

Movie banned by Rakosi restored

Istvan Szots’s 1947 feature film Enek a buzamezokrol (“Song of the Wheatfields”) which was banned by communist leader Matyas Rakosi has been restored.

The movie based on a novel by Ferenc Mora will be released in DVD format in the autumn. (MH p.12)
9th July, 2015

Heat records broken again

Temperatures reached new daily records in Budapest and Hungary yesterday for the second consecutive day before the arrival of the cold front.

Nationally, the temperature peaked at 39.3C in Budakalasz, exceeding the previous record for July 8 of 39.1C set in Baja in 1957.

In the capital, 38.7C was gauged in Ujpest, up from 37.2C in 1957. (NG pp.1&6; MH p.14; inforadio.hu; KR)

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