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2nd February, 2017

Reported crimes up slightly in 2016

There were 278,263 reported crimes last year, a 4% increase on 2015, National Police chief Karoly Papp told a Wednesday press briefing.

The number of homicides has risen since 2015 to 219, with 90% of the cases solved.

Drug-related crimes went up from 440 to 462 last year but the investigation success rate rose from 75.6% to 79.8%.

Burglaries and robberies fell from 111,326 to 92,072.

The number of traffic accidents causing personal injuries rose slightly to 16,506, with speeding being the main cause. The number of deadly accidents dropped to 556.

As many as 391,000 people entered Hungary illegally in 2015, but that number shrank to 18,236 last year.

Papp said the biggest challenges for the police in 2016 were tasks related to illegal migration and the threat of terror. (MI p.6; MH p.14; inforadio.hu; TV)
2nd February, 2017

Over 100,000 report flu symptoms

Over 100,000 people have consulted doctors throughout Hungary with influenza symptoms in the past week, the National Epidemiology Centre said on Wednesday.

The number is the highest weekly figure for ten years. (MI p.6; KR)

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