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German MEPs suggest EU financial penalties for Hungary
11th August, 2016
Fidesz caucus spokesman Janos Halasz yesterday accused European politicians of being out of touch with real life in response to a call by two German politicians to reconsider EU payments to Poland and Hungary.
FDI flows into vehicle sector
11th August, 2016
Foreign direct investments managed by state investment promotion agency HIPA have reached €2.3 billion this year, up from €1.4 billion in 2015 as a whole, Vilaggazdasag reports.
Court releases Zsolnay from liquidation procedure
11th August, 2016
A Zalaegerszeg court has terminated the liquidation procedure against Pecs-based porcelain maker Zsolnay, saying there is no proof that the company is insolvent.
Another fencing gold for Hungary
11th August, 2016
Hungary’s gold medal haul continued on Wednesday night as Aron Szilagyi successfully defended his Olympic title in the men's sabre competition.

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