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Helicopters and dogs will be part of new border police force
27th August, 2015
Police will beef up the defence of the Hungarian-Serbian border with 2,016 emergency police, supplemented with helicopters and dogs, National Police chief Karoly Papp announced at a press briefing on Wednesday.
Indicator points to slower growth
27th August, 2015
The acceleration indicator GYIA, a measure of future economic growth compiled by Vilaggazdasag, rose by 2.7% in August and was up 0.25% from the previous month.
MARK starts operations next month
27th August, 2015
The National Bank’s new asset manager, MARK, is expected to start operations in September, buying up bad commercial property loans from banks, the MNB announced.
Golgotha to be removed from museum
27th August, 2015
Mihaly Munkacsy's famous Christ Trilogy will be on show at the Deri Museum in Debrecen for only a few more days as the Golgotha painting will be taken away on August 31, owner Imre Pakh said on Wednesday.

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