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Budget to be smaller next year
14th May, 2015
Both revenue and expenditure will be lower next year, according to the 2016 budget bill submitted to Parliament yesterday by Economy Minister Mihaly Varga.
Analysts content with budget targets
14th May, 2015
Analysts queried by financial website Portfolio and state news agency MTI view next year’s budget deficit target of 2% of GDP as achievable.
BudBank-MKB merger in the works
14th May, 2015
There are no plans to increase state ownership in the bank sector, MNB deputy governor Adam Balog told Gazdasagi Radio, adding that the MNB has began preparatory work for the merger of MKB and Budapest Bank.
Five football teams may lose licences
14th May, 2015
Five first division football teams have not received a licence to remain in the top tier next season due to financial irregularities, Football Association president Sandor Csanyi announced at a press briefing on Wednesday.

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