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Gov’t gives way on return of refugees
25th June, 2015
Government officials yesterday backtracked from Tuesday’s declaration that Hungary would no longer allow other EU countries to send back refugees that first entered the EU in Hungary.
Net financing ability at record high
25th June, 2015
The country's net financing ability – the combined current and capital accounts – stood at €2.99 billion at the end of the first quarter, equal to 11% of the quarterly GDP, an all-time record, the MNB announced yesterday.
Tobacco companies present alternative bid for wholesale license
25th June, 2015
Imperial Tobacco Magyarorszag, JTI Hungary and Philip Morris Magyarorszag yesterday announced a joint bid for the license to provide tobacco wholesale service in Hungary, one week after the government granted the concession to two companies.
Pilot error blamed for Gripen crash
25th June, 2015
An official inquiry has found that the pilot was at fault when a JAS-39 Gripen fighter jet overran the runway and crashed at the Caslav military airfield in the Czech Republic on May 15, website PestiSracok has learned.

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