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Vona leads protest against EU quota
19th November, 2015
Europe is building its own Trojan Horse by admitting refugees, as immigration and terrorism go hand in hand, Jobbik president Gabor Vona told hundreds of demonstrators outside the Budapest office of the European Commission on Wednesday.
Government plans to extend online cash registers to service sector
19th November, 2015
The government will require some service-sector enterprises to link their cash registers to the tax office, Economy Minister Mihaly Varga said yesterday.
MNB acts to get banks to sell bad loans
19th November, 2015
The MNB has launched a new scheme aimed at encouraging banks to clean up their non-performing project loan portfolio, tied to commercial real estate investments.
Record high temperature yesterday
19th November, 2015
The daily heat record in Budapest was broken on Wednesday, with the temperature rising to 20.7C in the Second District, the National Weather Service announced.

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