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Orban looks forward to fight with EU over energy policy
19th February, 2015
The government expects a conflict with the EU over energy policy, as Hungary is the only member state which wants the energy sector to operate on a non-profit basis, Prime Minister Viktor Orban told reporters yesterday.
MNB expands lending scheme to help riskier debtors
19th February, 2015
The MNB yesterday announced plans to expand its Funding for Growth scheme by another Ft 500 billion this year to help SMEs with their financing.
Russia may help to revive Malev
19th February, 2015
A possible revival of Malev airlines was part of Prime Minister Viktor Orbanís discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he told reporters yesterday.
Ministry unhappy with certain words
19th February, 2015
The Human Resources Ministry has instructed staff not to use certain words in its official communication, reports.

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