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Cabinet looking for new PR weapon ahead of 2018 elections
5th January, 2017
Fidesz communication staff has until March at the latest to find a new “magic weapon” similar to the utility fee reductions and the anti-migrants crusade on which Fidesz can build its 2018 election campaign, HVG reports.
Industrial prices extend declines
5th January, 2017
Industrial producer prices were down 0.5% in November from one year earlier, following a 1.2% fall in October, the Central Statistics Office has announced.
Transfer of accounts to Treasury stalls
5th January, 2017
The transfer of local governments’ deposit and credit accounts to the State Treasury is behind schedule, Vilaggazdasag writes.
Bakondi reports on migrant numbers
5th January, 2017
A total of 17,800 asylum-seekers entered Hungary illegally last year before tighter border regulations went into effect on July 5, Gyorgy Bakondi, senior adviser to Prime Minister on domestic security, told state TV channel M1 yesterday.

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